National Pro Off-Road Series Announced by American Outdoor Events

AOE’s Inaugural 2024 Season: Racing Triumphs on the Horizon

American Outdoor Events of Oklahoma is creating a sensation in the motorsport sphere with its launch of a cross-country short-course off-road racing challenge comprising seven races.

This pioneering set of racing events intends to propel the stimulating and dynamic sport of short-course off-road racing to a national level. The fantastic backdrop of the Bank River in northern Michigan united with ERX’s carefully crafted circuits, provides a novel and thrilling experience for racers and onlookers alike.

Crandon International Raceway: A Short-Course Racing Icon

Crandon International Raceway, often referred to as the “Big House”, stands as a cornerstone of the AOE series.

Crandon International Raceway: A Short-Course Racing Icon

This iconic venue hosts two of the largest events in off-road short-course racing: The Forest County Potawatomi Brush Run weekend in June and Labor Day weekend’s Polaris Crandon World Championship and Red Bull Cup Sunday are legendary in the racing world for good reason.

A Glimpse Into the Inaugural Season

The AOE national series will make its debut in 2024, offering an incredible year of racing triumphs. It will begin with a second annual appearance at the newly completed MidAmerica Outdoors in Jay, Oklahoma.

A Glimpse Into the Inaugural Season

This versatile off-road destination offers various terrains to challenge the skills of elite racers. The season will culminate with the crowning of a champion at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri.

Showcasing Premier Drivers, Teams, and Vehicles

The AOE national series aims to shine a spotlight on the sport’s premier drivers, teams, and vehicles. From unlimited trucks and buggies to the burgeoning SxS market, this series features a diverse lineup of classes. Competitors and fans alike can expect an unparalleled off-road racing experience. With $1.5 million in total purse money up for grabs, AOE is committed to recognizing and rewarding the dedication and skill of off-road racers.

The Driving Force Behind AOE

Behind the scenes, the newly created AOE series management team includes a Board of Directors composed of American motorsports executives with deep resumes from various racing backgrounds. These visionaries are dedicated to ensuring the series’ success.

American Outdoor Events continues to make its mark as a leading organizer of motorsport events, offering a massive portfolio of regional and national motorsports platforms including Ultra4 USA; Great American Short Course; American SxS Takeover; America Pro Rock Racing; MidAmerica Outdoors; and MAO SxS Racing.

Stay tuned for the official series name, branding, broadcast platforms, and corporate partnerships, which will be unveiled on December 7th at the PRI show in Indianapolis, Indiana. Alongside a formal press conference and driver introductions, AOE will host series summits for race teams, tracks, and corporate partners.