These Are the EVs You’ll Be Able to Buy Soon – Are They Worth the Wait?

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All of these EVs are somewhere between concept and production, leaving people to wonder which of these will actually hit the market, what features they’ll have, and which price points they’ll land on. Most importantly, the question remains of whether or not these electric vehicles will be worth the wait.

Acura ZDX

The Acura ZDX is expected to be released in early 2024, so we should see it soon. Likely going for $60,000, the car will feature a 102.0-kWh battery which will provide up to 325 miles of range. The 340-hp, single-motor, rear-wheel-drive A-Spec model will be joined by a 500-hp, dual-motor, all-wheel-drive Type S, with upgraded brakes, adaptive dampers, and air suspension.

Alfa Romeo Giulia EV

If you want an Alfa Romeo Giulia EV, you’ll have to wait until 2025. This vehicle will be produced on the Stellantis Group’s STLA Large platform, with 800-volt, ultra-rapid charging and a range of up to 500 miles. The base version will likely make around 350 horsepower, while the Veloce will reach 800 horsepower.

Apple Titan EV

This fully self-driving car won’t be ready until 2026. That may seem far away, but it feels closer when you realize the Titan has been in development for over 10 years now. However, it’ll likely have some competition as Sony has partnered with Honda to create a comparable car. Apple’s version is expected to be capable of autonomous highway driving, built around a powerful onboard computer, and offer a conventional design.

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We’ll just have to wait and see how it does with its soon-to-be competitors reaching the market in the same year.

Take Driving to the Next Level With These Car Gadgets

Driving can be quite an infuriating experience when Murphy’s law comes into play, and everything goes wrong. There’s no reason to get stressed — just be prepared the next time you hit the road. The car gadgets will help prepare you for the rough road ahead.


A forward-facing camera like the Z-Edge dashcam can be a great addition to your vehicle. For one, it allows you to capture a memorable drive on screen.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 1.31.43 PM

A dashcam is most useful in helping to protect you in an accident. It will record the incident and can be used to prove fault.

Portable Jump Starter Kit

Few car-related instances are more infuriating than when your car does not start. Next time you cannot get your car to turn over, do not freak out if no one else is around.

Portable Jump Starter Kit

Keep a portable jump starter kit like the Suaki portable kit. It can hold 22 vehicle jumps into one charge.

Drop Stop

How many times have you slammed on the brakes and your loose items fall between the seat and center console? With Drop Stop slides, you’ll never misplace your belongings again.

Drop Stop

Drop Stop is a seat gap filler. All you have to do is attach it to the seat belt catcher. The best part? It moves with the seat so there’s no need to readjust or reinstall!

Bluetooth Car Kit

New cars today generally come with Bluetooth capabilities. If you love your older model and want to bring it into the present, the Belkin Bluetooth kit can help you do so. You will be playing music and making calls wirelessly in no time.

Smart Car Adapter

Even if your car is 10 years old, you can turn it into a smart car. Automatic Labs created an adapter that plugs into your onboard diagnostics port and turns your car into a data machine.

Smart Car Adapter

The device pairs with your phone over Bluetooth and can help diagnose engine issues, show your trip history, and even help you remember where you parked. Its various apps will even allow you to track mileage.