Archeologists Find Evidence Confirming This Tribe’s Survival Through The Ice Age

A recent discovery in the most unexpected of locations just might have archaeologists rethinking everything they ever knew about the history of mankind during the Ice Age. When the team of archaeologists began their routine dig on a remote island off the western coast of Canada, they weren’t expecting to find much. Other archaeologists probably would have questioned what they were even doing there in the first place. To their surprise, they uncovered a treasure which changed everything. The initial discovery on Triquet Island was only the beginning. The archaeologists were digging there strictly based on a local legend they had heard.

Engulfed In Ice?

Throughout the Ice Age, a vast majority of Western Canada was completely covered in ice and was therefore uninhabitable. Because Triquet Island is situated just off the coast of British Columbia, scientists have long assumed that it too was frozen during the Ice Age.

Engulfed In Ice?

This is why historians, scientists, and archeologists have rejected the claims of the Heiltsuk people. However, the group of archaeologists digging on Triquet Island would soon discover something that would shake this notion to its core.